Gas Safety Inspection Certificate

Domestic and commercial Gas Safety Inspection Certificate and Landlord Certificates are offered as a Gas Safe Registered Company. We install nd commission all domestic and commercial appliances including boilers and gas lines (commercial catering equipment excluded).We are also qualified to test and purge domestic, commercial gas lines. All testing and purging are carried out to IGE/UP standards with no compromising on safety. All testing and purging work is done to a Method Statement and a Risk Assessment will be carried out for each individual job. A Gas Safety Inspection Certificate is issued on completion of all works.

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Gas Safety Inspection Certificate and Landlords Certificate includes:

Combustion Performance Analysis:

A combustion performance analyser is used to take a small sample of the flue gas emitted by the appliance.  From this the “health” of the appliance can be assessed and recorded.  Based on these results, it can be determined wether further work will need to be carried out to bring the appliance into line with the manufacturers specifications. This analysis is now a pre-requisite for all new appliance installations too.

Visual inspection:

A visual inspection is carried out on all appliances, appliance flues, visible gas lines and meters, this is done to find any visual signs of wear and tear, out of date standards and dangerous situations.

Control testing:

Part of a Gas Safety Inspection Certificate and Landlords Certificate is to make sure that all the controls and safety devices are tested and in working order. This is important as failer of a control of safety device can lead to an Immediately Dangerous situation.

Flue Testing and inspecting:

The Heath and Safety Executive have made this an important part of a Gas Safety Inspection and Landlords Certificate for more info on this and flues in voids follow this LINK. A poor performing and situated flue can lead to death, it is categorised in the same dangerous situation as a gas leak. There is zero tolerance on this.

“Exceptional gas engineer, Very professional approach, would highly recommend.”

Kevin, LU2, 11 March 2013